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Alina Eydel

Born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1989, Alina and her parents emigrated to the U.S. in 1992, escaping the dangerous remnants of the Chernobyl disaster. For years, they struggled as immigrants just to get by, but always supported Alina’s creativity. Within the first decade of her career, Ms. Eydel has already achieved significant recognition as an artist and has sold over $2 million worth of her artwork. Her paintings range in price from $2,000 to $40,000. She has many goals to further her stature as an artist—one of those is to start a line of “wearable art,” such as jewellery and couture gowns.

Alina Eydel is one of the most unique young artists of our time. Not only does she stand out with her original and fervently creative ideas, Eydel also invented a unique technique, which she calls “Mosaic on Canvas.” Rather than using traditional mosaics, she gives her figurative, acrylic-on-canvas paintings a modern and unique twist, incorporating precious and semi-precious materials, which already imply treasure in themselves, and gluing and varnishing glass beads, Swarovsky crystals, fresh-water pearls, corals, and turquoise. The result is spectacular. Each painting shimmers like a sea of gemstones.

“Mosaic on canvas” evolved from the customary acrylic paintings with which she engaged herself as a child; however, as her concept developed, it required this particular mixed media approach. The unexpected textures that Eydel uses in her paintings add an ethereal sparkle, transforming the works into painted pieces of jewellery. Accordingly, Eydel calls her pieces “jewellery for walls.” Such a multidimensionality of texture is intrinsically surreal; each piece is both a painting and jewellery at once. Each piece is also a painting and a mosaic at once. Eydel’s texture game and the idea that something can be two things at once corresponds to her often surrealistic ideas, in which a dress or a hand or a torso or a flower is not just what it is, but also a symbol for something else entirely. Eydel loves a symbiosis of contrasting ideas. One of her strongest inspirations flows from the intrinsic contrast of the strength and fragility of female beauty. For instance, in the series of paintings called “Precious,” she expresses her visions of harmony, health and the preciousness of the human body within her paintings by transforming the torso into a metaphor for treasure. She also uses semi-precious materials to suggest the body as a priceless vessel.

“I create surrealistic mixed media paintings that are metaphors of my experiences and inspirations; my worldview is filtered through my feminine perception and that resonates with others, especially women. My pieces often carry multiple meanings and often reference my favorite artists and moments in art history, from Russian icons to Rembrandt to Dalí to Damien Hirst. My artwork also continues the legacy of Erté, but through my unique fantasies, designs, and mosaic technique, and is focused more on being artwork than costume design. 

My latest series of paintings also combines personally significant iconography with widely understood symbols, such as the heart, dollar sign, or yin-yang. The repetition of the symbols has a trance-inducing, mantra-like quality. I use symbols as a representation of my hopes, aspirations, and experiences—love symbols come from my experience of being in love, while prosperity symbols stem from my family’s experience of living as impoverished immigrants and striving for years for a better life. While my artworks are somewhat self-portraits, often filled with personal symbolism, the emotions they evoke are nonetheless relatable to the viewer.

I am passionate about the masterful execution of my paintings as well as the execution of the mixed media surfaces. My travels to Venice and Istanbul inspired the intricate glass bead mosaic. I adopted the ancient Byzantine mosaic technique and interpreted it in a contemporary way, with glass beads instead of tesserae. Each bead of my intricate mosaic represents an atom of which all matter—and all of life—is made up. Each bead is a molecule of my daily life—people, situations, conversations, etc.—incorporated with a surrealistic expression of my various inspirations. 

Inspired by Damien Hirst, I started using butterfly wings as a fascinating new medium. The wings’ iridescent quality and numerous connotations give my pieces a different meaning and unique visual magic. Furthermore, the butterflies I use are “farmed” in rainforest nations worldwide. Families in India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia collect, farm, and sell insect specimens instead of destroying valuable rainforests for logging or agricultural land. The butterfly farmers of these nations help prevent rainforest deforestation, which makes my pieces eco-friendly.” 

Alina has a B.A. in Fine Art from Florida Gulf Coast University and her pieces can be found in public collections around Florida and private collections all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Japan and China.


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