Angelika Privalikhina is one of the shining art stars to emerge from Russia in recent years. Her works are held in the Art Museum of the city of Krasnoyarsk and Art Museum of Divnogorsk and other museums in Siberia and the Far East and is in private collections in Russia, Israel, Germany, the United States, China and the United Kingdom.

Born in a small village called Uzlovaja in the Tula region of Russia, Angelika attended the Special School for Gifted Children in the Arts in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Chasing the romanticism of untrodden paths, Angelika’s family moved to Siberia in search of adventure and opportunity in an area that was experiencing rapid growth. What was supposed to be a short adventure in Siberia stretched into many years. It was there that Angelika spent her childhood and took up painting.  She was taught to see the beauty of the world, and to depict it not realistically, but through her own feelings and vision.

In 1990, Angelika graduated from the Art College in Krasnoyarsk. She taught and worked as an assistant curator at the local art museum. From 1995-2000 she created a course study for elementary schools called Art: The Very Beginning. The course was published by the State School Board as a monograph, and is used as a base for art studies at elementary schools in Siberia.

Inspired by the beauty of the forests, rivers and flowers of her youth, Angelika is a skilled colorist, capturing flowers and vistas that change from bright orange to gold at sunset. Her travels have also left a lasting impression on her… from summer vacations to Moscow as a child to recent travels to Italy, Angelika is an observer. She watches how form and line change depending on light, color, shade and hue and captures rare depth of emotion with stunning intensity in her landscape, still life and figurative oil paintings.

Angelika has received multiple awards for her art. She has also received numerous commendations and awards for her input as a teacher of art from The Department of Culture of Krasnoyarsk, and Art & Culture Museum of Krasnoyarsk.

Her work has been exhibited over 50 times throughout the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia and the United Sates. She has been a member of the Union of ARTS of Russia since 2006, is a member of International Association of ART and the Association Internationale Des ARTS Plastiques-IAA AIAP Unesco.