Berit Kruger Johnson Biography


Growing up in Oslo, Norway, nature has always played a major part in Berit Kruger-Johnson's life. She studied for a degree in biology and upon completion was accepted into the only graphic design school in Oslo at that time. 

Berit Kruger-Johnston was taught by two British illustrators. She went on to work in the advertising industry for a year and now works as a freelance illustrator and artist. Her work is inspired by the sculptural shapes of objects and what they represent, the visual power of symbols and the strong messages they convey across cultures. Berit believes that colour is important to create a mood and uses light to create drama and a dynamic within her paintings. Berit starts with a rough sketch on canvas then moves onto applying the first layer using acrylic gouache, then relaxing into painting with oils.

For the last thirteen years Berit Kruger-Johnston has been residing in Australia. She still has family based in Norway so frequently travels to her home town.