irene sheri

“Create a world that is totally yours that comes from within your own soul.”

Born in the Ukraine in 1968, Irene Sheri is one of the brightest examples of a new breed of inter-cultural artists emerging from Europe. An accomplished figurative and landscape artist, Irene is inspired by Botticelli, Chagall, Kandinsky, Picasso, and Goya. However Cezanne and Matisse have made the deepest impact. Inspired by the “Russian Expressionistic Movement”, Irene is a Master of contrasts of light and shadow. Like Cezanne, Matisse and Gauguin before her, she embraces the use of color. If her objective is not reached, she begins anew, until the desired result is achieved.

Her paintings express her love of life, a toast to its wonder and beauty. Sheri’s talent and style were recognized at a global level in 2001 when she was awarded Russia ’s highest artistic honour on it’s 50-Year Anniversary - the “State Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art”, naming her as the “Best and Brightest” young artist in Russia; awarded to one woman each year for excellence in the arts.

Her works are in many important collections in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Canada and the U.S.  Ms. Sheri’s works are in the private collections of prominent Russian collectors, including musician Mstislav Rastropovich, ex-St Petersburg Mayor Anatoly Sobchak and oil tycoon Leo Vaisberg.

Ms. Sheri studied art at the Belgorod Art School for gifted children and at 15 became the valedictorian of both her junior high and art schools. From there she entered Grecov College of Art in Odessa, and in her first year, won a citywide juried exhibition and was honored as “Young Artist of the Year.” Irene would win 14 juried exhibitions in the next two years and receive a special “Excellence in Art” award from the Mayor. At age 17, Ms. Sheri entered the Serov School of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Russia.  All of the paintings and sketches she created during her three years of study are now used by the faculty as samples of brilliant academic achievement.

In 1990, Irene entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Art, one of the most prestigious art schools in the world.  In 2000, her graduation artwork, “Early Snow,” was accepted into the permanent collection of the Museum of Academy Art when she was named valedictorian. The oil painting also received the “Russian State Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art or Entertainment,” the highest honor an artist can receive in Russia. This renowned school, created in the eighteenth century, has influenced many masters in its years of existence; all ambassadors of Russia’s art worldwide.