In addition to various book illustrations, Guyton’s career has encompassed many different fields. Patrick Guyton’s ability to design with sophisticated detail brings drama and poetic expression into his work. With his unique vision, he merges mood and atmosphere, evoking powerful emotions that create harmony. Guyton's work can be viewed and collected today from Hawaii to Key West. He currently lives in Orange County, California with his wife and daughter.




 • Lead character development artist and animation assistant for Honeytree Productions. He also taught fourth grade art at Vineyard Middle School in Anaheim, CA.

• In 1997 Guyton joined Linda Jones Enterprises/Warner Bros. as a background painter

for legendary cartoonist and animator Chuck Jones. During this time he was privileged and honored to study under the late Maurice Nobel (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Grinch that Stole Christmas).

• Guyton was also commissioned by Looney Tunes/McKimson Productions where he became the background painter for classic animator Robert McKimson's cell art, working on McKimson’s Limited Edition Sports Animation Cells.



 • Born in Pennsylvania in 1964, today Guyton works as an fine artist at his studio in

Southern California where he specializes in gold and silver leaf modern contemporary variations of traditional Japanese and Venetian style works.

• Utilizing Flemish techniques and formulas Guyton keeps true to the Vienna Secession ideals, "to every age its art and to art its freedom."

• He graduated with an Associates Degree in Visual Communications. He has worked as a Fine Art and commercial artist doing airbrush illustration, murals and signage