Tadeo Biography


“Understanding the ambiguities of human nature…”


That’s what captivated Tadeo De La Barra and introduced him to the world of art. Of course, as the son of a great Peruvian artist, it could not have been any other way. A former child prodigy that has been painting since the age of seven, Tadeo’s father taught him that the human body presented both the greatest difficulties and the greatest achievements in art. From then on, Tadeo embraced the challenge and pursued figurative art drawing.

Tadeo was born in Lima, Peru on August 30th, 1977. In his continuous search for artistic development, Tadeo enrolled in the prestigious School of Fine Arts at 18; and as the first student in his class, he was invited to participate in the Quimera ’99 exhibit in Mexico, where his art was highly regarded as one of the best from South America.

Tadeo mastered the art of Realism as a teenager and turned to Surrealism to challenge his artistic skills. Today, his bright instantly recognizable Surrealistic canvasses are what he is most well known for and have garnered international attention. His paintings are a window to an intelligent and creative mind; his strokes are the voice of a true artist. His art transcends hyperrealism exposing the observer to a surreal and delightful experience.

Tadeo, also a philosopher and poet, uses symbolism to portray emotions of love and romance, creating a fantasy world inspired by Chagall, Modigliani and Picasso, but with his own distinct brush stroke and use of color. A frequently repeated symbol - a sun or moon eclipsed by a heart - symbolizes the importance of love in our lives, just as paramount as night and day, love is vital for our existence. A figurative master, Tadeo often places the heads of his subjects in close proximity, symbolizing the intellectual bond shared by the lovers. The evening sky is made up of abstracted leaves. This unique interpretation was inspired by a poem that compared the break of dawn to the shedding of old leaves to make way for new life and growth.

Brilliant, profound, and spontaneous, his artistic achievement elates the senses and portrays the exuberant and yet down to earth, humble mastermind behind the canvas. Simple, as any great man should be.